Lar das Mãezinhas

The Charity and Care Society Lar das Mãezinhas is a philanthropic entity, created in 1952 by Mr. Antonio Graciano, whose intention was to build a house to house the elderly, because he "always believed that they were the most forgotten by our society. and government ".

With a lot of work, Lar das Mãezinhas was inaugurated in 1982 by his daughter Ivana Graciano and granddaughter Ivany, who today run the house, which initially housed 18 ladies, aiming to provide support, full assistance. , reinclusion and, above all, a lot of love.

To be able to accomplish their mission, those responsible for the Home of the Mothers are improving every day, so that they can provide the "little mothers" all the necessary care. In order to support itself financially, the home is aided by humanitarian-minded people who donate groceries, medicine, clothing, make renovations and improvements to the home's facilities, or make cash contributions.

Address: Rua Júlio Colaço, 179 - Vila Aricanduva
City: São Paulo - SP
Telephone: (11) 2294-6597 | (11) 2093-3722
Contact: Ivani


+55 (11) 3071-4040
+55 (11) 3079-0018


Estrada das Lágrimas, 2317- 2º andar
Heliópolis – São Paulo, SP
Zip code: 04232-000

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