Cepim - Casa dos Velhinhos

Founded in 1958 by a group of residents, the Center for Childhood and Maternity Protection has always accompanied the development of the municipality of Taboão da Serra.

The history of the programs developed by the institution demonstrates that until a few years ago, the yearnings of the population were mothers and children - then helpless and malnourished - and today they are young and old.

Current government policies are already targeted at children through day care centers, health clinics and municipal schools. Mothers, because of the need for a changing world, are forced to work and therefore, when they leave home, they no longer have time for more specific educational programming.

Trying to adapt to a new reality, CEPIM not only moved to Casa dos Velhinhos, which was already the responsibility of the institution, but also turned its concerns to a portion of the most abandoned population: the old asylum.

The Old House is not a hospital but a collective housing for the elderly, a new home for those who have no family or are unable to live with their families.

Address: Rua Isabel Soria Mainardes, 75 - Jd.Maria Helena
City: Taboão da Serra - SP
Telephone: (11) 4137-2025 | (11) 4137-5278
Contact: Hilda
Email: hildacepim@ig.com.br


+55 (11) 3071-4040
+55 (11) 3079-0018


Estrada das Lágrimas, 2317- 2º andar
Heliópolis – São Paulo, SP
Zip code: 04232-000

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